Clean water in cheese production

Clean water essential for better quality in cheese production:

At the process stage ”water addition” in the cheese vat, where 10-15% fresh water (public/municipal, own well, tap water) is added. Cottage cheese produced in Denmark is made with water that has been treated in the BacTerminator® system, regardless of the water being municipal tap water or well water.

This has increased the shelf life and improved product quality; no growth in microorganisms towards the end of the 21 days shelf life.

Savings on pasteurization of water:
  • Electricity cost - BacTerminator:  ~ 3€cts/m³
  • Electricity cost - pasteurization: ~ 30€cts/m³
  • Savings on water consumption through reuse of cheese cooling water 1 – 4 days
Improved killing of bacteria: 
  • BacTerminator   >99 % (~ 3€cts/m3)
  • High pasteurization 98-99 %
  • Low pasteurization 97-98 %

For more dairy applications, please see dairy industry.