Shipping Industry

The shipping industry is one of the most challenging industries with regards to environmental compliance and operational restrictions. One of the challenges of world’s fleet is to provide fresh water to crew and passengers. Fresh water can be provided either by bunkering (bottled or not) in various ports or by producing fresh water on board the ship. Except for bottled water, usually fresh water is kept in fresh water storage tanks. This water must be kept free of bacteria, viruses & micro-organisms as this is critical for crew and passenger’s health during voyage.

Today’s disinfection technologies used primarily is to dose chemical(s) in-line / inside the fresh water storage tanks (chlorination) and/or by UV(-C) treatment and although effective these methods have some drawbacks: Chemicals have to be transported, stored and kept on board the vessel, this may not only be a hazardous risk it also is a costly operation:

  • Dosing of chemical(s) / chlorination is a well known cause of corrosive piping
  • UV – treatment is less effective with turbidity in the water and does not have a permanent nature to eliminate bacteria, viruses and micro-organism
  • UV- lamps are categorized as a toxic waste from ship’s waste stream      

With BacTerminator® advanced electrolysis disinfection you can forget all the these limitations. It is a safe, environmental and crew friendly cost effective solution and delivers the best of the market bacteria elimination guarantee.  A highly recommend solution to replace the existing technologies which will pay-back the investment within a few years in almost every case.    

BacTerminator’s ship board application is:
  • As recirculation treatment on each of the fresh water storage tanks
  • As in-line treatment system before fresh water storage tanks
  • A combination of the above


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