Key Benefits BacTerminator


BacTerminator Key Benefits

BacTerminator is the markets best solution to eliminate bacteria from your process water or reuse water and to combat legionella in water-cooling system/towers. This is a fact, we guarantee a total viable count < 10 CFU /ml for the most stringent industries such as food production. This is done in an environmental friendly way and is totally safe for people, machinery – piping systems and your end products. 

The added benefit is that BacTerminator also helps you to reduce your operational costs: saving on maintenance, water reuse, system plant downtime and consumption of chemicals and spare parts. 
BacTerminator, advanced electrolysis technology only uses natural dissolved salts  and electricity to do the job.
In a nutshell the key benefits in a row:

Powerful disinfectant  

6 killing effects within 6 seconds by the effective biocides converted from natural salt water. 99.99% of the bacteria are killed and stay eliminated.

A very operator friendly and safe system

There are no added chemicals involved, only naturally dissolved salts already present in water, making it consumer friendly and safe.

Cost savings

With BacTerminator, you save on buying, transport and storage of chemicals. Water can be reused, for example in Denmark: Adept Water Technologies A/S set up a range of pilot studies with customers, and found an average annual water saving of more than 50.000€, effectively guaranteeing a pay-back time of one year. 

NO corrosion

  • Low levels of salts at ≈ 20 mg/L 
  • European norm (0,5 mg/L), 0,2 mg/L 

Easy installation Plug & Play

The BacTerminator systems are available with or without a pump and can therefore be used in multiple
 applications – as stand-alone systems or as an integrated part of a process. 
Installation can be completed in as little as one hour. 

Low maintenance

BacTerminator is available with acid-resistant components for cleaning-in-place. In addition they are also available with built-in cleaning functions controlled by the system itself.  Once it is up and running there is no maintenance involved and it is easy to handle, specialist training is not necessary.