References Water Disinfection


Less costs in water usage, improved quality of product (increased shelf life & improved taste):
  • Arla Foods Hjorring Dairy Denmark: Disinfection of RO water making it possible to reuse the water in the CIP cleaning moulds.
  • Arla Foods Korsvej Dairy Denmark: Disinfection of tap water in the manufacturing of Cottage cheese, increasing shelf life & product quality.
  • Arla Foods Falkenberg, Sweden: Disinfection of the cheese cooling water, in the manufacturing of hard yellow cheese without rind. This allows for better quality cheese, as yeast can impact taste & allows reuse of water from 1-4 days.
Fighting Biofilm & Legionella to improve cooling efficiency, health & safety:
  • Lego, Billund plant Denmark: Integrated in the cooling water systems.
  • Logstar (leading manufacturer of insulated pipe systems for district heating, cooling & in oil & gas industry) Denmark, Finland & United Arab Emirates: integrated in the cooling water systems..
  • Intermarche, a major French food producing retailing company: integrated in the cooling water systems.
Disinfection of process water, to increase shelf life and lower costs:
  • Tulip food company, Denmark: used in connection with cooking/smoking in the manufacturing of sausages.
  • Danforel, Denmark: used in cooling & moisturizing the fresh & sterile trout before packaging.
  • It is used in Latvia and Belgium for disinfection of municipal water added to the butter (2%)