TRUNZ water systems goes on a road trip through Kenya

Mon, 03/25/2013 - 13:08



Water is an basic need and is still hard to come by in many areas of Africa. Fortunately, there are leaders in Africa, that see the need of fresh water and are willing to change something in the supply of fresh water in remote areas in Kenya.

Mr Peter Shehe, a member of parliament of the Ganze province in Kenya is one of these people. Together with their local partner Tomash International Ltd, Trunz organized a road trip in Kenya to show the locals that clean water is within their reach. The major difficulty they faced during the road trip was to endure the roads and to bring the mobile water maker to these remote areas. TRUNZ, has the advantage of being an expert in this field and managed to provide fresh water to numerous villages. 

Now that they have tasted and seen what is possible it is up to Kenyan officials to provide this remote infrastructure for their people!

Curious to see how they did it, have a look at the video.