Water credits: changing the rules of the game

Tue, 01/22/2013 - 15:29

Matt DamonThe water crisis cannot be solved solely by NGO's, charities or governments alone, it is time to think different and work together. Game changing ideas are needed here to really have an impact on lives. The idea of water credits is great as it allows for adaptable water solutions that help individuals or communites.

Water credits are loans that allow families to loan water for sanitation or clean drinking water. It is time to think of structural solutions that are here to stay and that give more than just water. Ever thought of how water credits can make more water credits? What if we can create water kiosks that then serve as an economic source of income for a village. Not only would children be able to go to school but their parents could also be earning an income instead of nursing sick children or fetching water.


Have a look at this video of water.org and be inspired!!!!!