World Water Day 22nd of March

Tue, 03/19/2013 - 13:02

World Water Day 22nd of March, 2013

To mark this year of making people aware across the globe, of how important water is our lives, the United Nations decided to mark down the 22nd of March, with the request to organize events worldwide on this day.

Living in the Netherlands, the need of fresh water is not so dire, and yet there are many organisations that take the time and effort to invest in water projects outside the Netherlands.

Water cooperation is the key theme of this year’s World Water Day. The intention is key to the success of solving the water crisis. If we as, policy makers, governments, NGO’s or any parties involved and committed to solving the water crisis do not start working together, we will waste valuable resources and time.

Some specific topics discussed are:

Water Cooperation is key to poverty reduction social equity and gender equality

Water Cooperation creates economic benefits

Water Cooperation helps preserve water resources and protect the environment

Water Cooperation builds peace


When looking at these topics, I think the challenge is not the content itself, we can but agree with these topics. Personally, I am curious to know how they will manage this and whether cooperation can be genuinely created for a wide audience of players or that only the happy view with the right connections can play the game?