Filtration media

Filtration is a widely used technique to purify water. Filtration is defined as the instrument  technique to separate particles and suspended solids from liquid. The separation technique is referred to as the filter media. Depending on the filter media the water may be purified to a certain degree.

The most common media – techniques for filtration is to pass contaminated water through one or more of the following filtering media:
  • Sand, clay, anthracite & fine granulated materials  
  • Screen filter   
  • Cartridge filters
  • Membranes 
Depth filtration

Depth filtration (pic1) is a way to reduce contamination by capturing contaminants

Screen/membrane filtration has a typical “pore” size used to reject contamination (pic2).  So the level of filtration usually is defined by the porosity, or the nominal “pore” size of the filter media related to the relative particle size(s). 

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