Nitto Denko

Hydranautics mission is to be recognized as the world leader in the membrane separation industry through innovative technology.

Hydranautics is specialized in the following water treatment membranes:
  • HYDRAcap® MAX: Superior microfiltration. This is used either as primary membrane treatment or as pre-treatment to reverse osmosis and nanofiltration.
  • ESNA: High performance nanofiltration. These membranes are used in softening applications and the removal of pesticides, bacteria or viruses.
  • ESPA: Reverse osmosis membranes. These are primarily used in water treatment industry where productivity and savings is key.
  • CPA: A Reverse osmosis membrane used when the highest quality of water is required as this has the highest salt rejection rates.
  • SWC: Reverse osmosis Desalination membranes. This is the best choice within the portfolio for desalination of seawater.
  • LFC: Reverse osmosis superior membranes. These are primarily used when treating difficult feed water from municipal or industrial applications, which until now needed pre-treatment.
  • HYDRACAP®: Ultrafiltration membranes. These are used to treat surface water, ground water, seawater and wastewater as primary treatment or pre-treatment to reverse osmosis and nanofiltration.

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