Water purification

Water purification technologies

Water Purification briefly explained:

Purification is the process of removing unwanted contamination from a raw water source.

Contamination can be either organic and/or inorganic. Substances to be removed from contaminated water are: (fine) particles, biological and micro organisms, chemicals and gases.

Water Purification

The methods selected to purify the raw water source will depend on the specific composition of the water needed.

The most common treatment methods for water purification are: 
  • Physical: filtration, sedimentation, distillation, pasteurization  and electro-magnetic variation
  • Chemical: flocculation, coagulation, chlorination, ozone, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen  peroxide  
  • Biological: slow sand filter, activated sludge  

Many water purification plants use a combination of these methods to generate the required process water composition. Read more about the History of Water Purification.


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