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Fresh drinking water in need!

NEXUS Center – Providing sustainable water and energy in off grid areas

Water Tech Trading is a company that has a background in providing sustainable solutions in the shipping and oil and gas industry, with focus on water, energy and waste. Our challenge was to translate our expertise in remote areas to other off grid areas like Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) markets.

Basic needs like water and electricity are far to be found for a large number of the global population.  More than 1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water and 1,5 billion people are not connected to the electricity grid. Both needs are crucial for sustainable development and prosperity. WECONNEX AG and Water Tech Trading BV have developed an innovative, entrepreneurial business concept for the BoP markets in the form of NEXUS Centers.

NEXUS Centers are a network of water and energy hubs for remote areas, providing basic necessities and creating economic independence and growth for the community itself. Each NEXUS Center will be set up in such a way that it will deliver added value and needs to the community itself.  

Nexus Center


NEXUS Center in Numbers
  • Safe drinking water produced per day: up to 10’000 liters
  • Cost of 20 liters of safe drinking water: NRP 20 (US$ 0.2)
  • Population served: up to 4’500
  • Number of rooms leased: 3
  • Outdoor advertising space leased: 400 square feet
  • Jobs created: 2.2 direct FTE and up to 10 indirect jobs
  • Average cost of installation per shop: US$ 60’000

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