Entrepreneurs of MadiAqua Drops: Jivan Prasad Mahato, Hari Mahato and Rameshwor Chaudhary.

The three local entrepreneurs of Madi Aqua Drops know each other from school and are good friends. They contributed in total 20% (1'000'000 NRP = 9'800 CHF) of the upfront project costs.

  • Jivan Prasad Mahato owned an internet café in Kathmandu before he established a remittance business in Madi. Jivan will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the water treatment business.

  • Before joining Aqua Drops Madi, Hari worked in Kabul, Afghanistan, for the US Armed Forces as a catering assistant. He will be responsible for marketing & sales activities.

  • Rameshwor Chaudhary runs his own renewable energy business and provides solar-home systems to households in Madi. As he is a technical expert, he will look after the proper technical operation of the water treatment plant.

    Jivan Prasad Mahato: „Our first priority is to generate enough revenues to repay the loan. I am confident that we will sell large quantities of affordable safe drinking water. As soon as we generate some profit, we want to donate a certain percentage to a scholarshipfund for underprivileged students.“

    Hari Mahato: „I am already working in the field of renewable energy and believe that locally sourced water, which has been treated with a sophisticated technology powered by alternative energy is a sustainable way to supply drinking water to the community. We do not rely anymore on drinking water from suppliers coming from the outside.“

    Rameshwor Chaudhary: „I am very glad that the machine has been finally installed. Our dream is to expand our business and provide other basic necessities to our community.“

Yadu Nanda Subedi, Medical Officer, Baghauda Hospital

Yadu Nanda Subedi: „The water supply system in Nepal is very poor. A lot of diseases result from contaminated drinking water and inappropriate hygienic practices. This season, 40% of our patients suffered from typhoid. Until now we had no other choice but to provide our patients drinking water from the tube well without pre-treatment. We are happy that Madi Aqua Drops will supply safe drinking water at an affordable price to our hospital.“

Project Location: Ramgram, Nawalparasi

Ram Kailash Chaudhary, Managing Director of Aqua Drops Parasi

Ram Kailash Chaudhary, who runs his own rice distribution business besides his social work, was looking for a long time foran appropriate solution to remove arsenic from drinking water. When he heard of the Trunz Water Systems technology and the opportunity to run a small safe drinking water business, he did not hesitate and contributed together with his friends 20% of the upfront project cost (1'000'000 NRP = approx. 9'800 CHF). Ram will be responsible for sales & marketing as well as the technical support.

Ram Kailas Chaudhary: „I am aware of the arsenic contamination in our drinking water. For a longtime I searched for a technology, which can help my community to mitigate this problem. My goal is to supply as much affordable safe drinking water to my community, other villages, hospitals, schools and private businesses. I plan to buy a mini truck to be able to offer my customers a home delivery service.“

   Kundan Kumar Chaudhary, Marketing & Sales                           Support Indra Kumari Chaudhary, General Support

The couple Kundan and Karam Kumari both invested in Parasi Aqua Drops. While Kundan will support Ram Kailash Chaudhary in his marketing & sales activities, Karam will be mainly responsible for disinfecting and refilling the water jars.

Karam Kumari: „I am very happy to be involved in this business. We don’t need to filter our water with time-consuming methods anymore and a lot of surrounding households, institutions and businesses have now access to safe drinking water at an affordable price.“

Karam Kumari Devi is a friend of Ram Kailash, Kundan and Indra, and also invested her savings in the business. She is very happy to be part of this new project.

Karam Kumari Devi, General Support

Project Location: Manari, Nawalparasi

Entrepreneurs of Manari Aqua Drops: Narendra Chaudhary, Bhesh Narayan Chaudhary and Dhinesh Chaudhary

The three friends invested 800'000 NRP (7’800 CHF) in the water treatment and distribution business Manari Aqua Drops. The community of Manari collected 1'000 NRP (10 CHF) from each of the 106 households in the village to support the entrepreneurs. The community will be the main beneficiary of the water treatment and distribution business. During discussions and workshops they decided that each household will pay 1 NRP per liter to make the business financially viable by covering operational and maintenance cost as well as the upfront investment cost.

  • Dhinesh Chaudhary is working as an electrician at the nearby whisky production plant. As soon as the business becomes profitable he wants to quit his job to devote all his time to the drinking water business. Dhinesh is responsible for technical matters.

  • Bhesh Narayan Chaudhary earned a Bachelor’s degree in education, is a renowned social worker in the village and a politician of the Tharuhat Terai party. He works part-time as a farmer and also heads a local cooperative (micro-finance). Bhesh is the managing director of Aqua Drops Manari.

  • Narendra Chaudhary is a local businessman for spare parts of motorbikes and tractors. He devotes a lot of his time to social work.

    Bhesh Narayan Chaudhary: „As safe drinking water is scarce in my community, I did not hesitate to participate and invest in this project. Although several NGO’s distributed arsenic-removal filters to our households, we found it difficult to regularly clean and maintain them. We believe in this business model, as we are able to provide safe drinking water at a very low price to the community and sell it at a higher price to private businesses and whole sellers. The quality of this water is exceptional in this area.“

Laxmi Chaudhary, Housewife                                                 Raijana Chaudhary, Housewife